Hannah Jones

Our employee stories: Hannah

Apprentice job title: Nickelodeon Social Design

Getting the opportunity to work at Paramount has been an absolute dream come true! As a little girl, I remember dreaming of one day having a job where I could combine two of the things I loved; art and film/entertainment. Now getting to finally have a job that encompasses both has been the greatest gift ever!

My current role here at Paramount is working alongside the Nickelodeon Social team as a Graphic Designer. On our social team, we create content for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok — all the social platforms.

We get to work closely with our Design Manager and Art Director, tailoring each piece specifically for its intended purpose. Each social post we create is crafted to help connect kids, teens, and families through the Nickelodeon shows and content.

Since the pandemic, a typical day for me now is working from home, which has been the biggest plus!  I work a lot in Adobe Photoshop to create new and exciting content to help capture our audience’s attention. The majority of what I do is combining content from the Nick shows and then repurposing it creatively for the social pages.

The designers at Nick typically do a little of everything, some of us are great photographers and shoot crafts for Nick Jr, and other times we will create fantastic motion graphics as well. Once a design is approved by our Art Director, the Design Manager will then send it through another round of approvals from the Nick producers until it is finally ready to appear on the socials. The Nick team has been extraordinarily kind and welcoming to me as I have transitioned here to the team. Everyone is so kind and creative; it makes the dream job here even more exciting to come to work every day.

During my apprenticeship, I have learned the importance of giving 110% in the work you do each day. Giving your all, no matter what position you’re in, will eventually help propel you to where you eventually wish to be in the future.

In school, I truly tried to see each project that I was given as an opportunity to show future companies what I was capable of because I knew eventually, one day, they might be able to look at my work! I think it’s so important to do your best with what you’re given no matter where you are – an internship, apprenticeship, school, work, etc. I genuinely believe showing up to work ready to learn and do your best will be the kind of attitude that will eventually help get you where you need to be.

Getting the opportunity to work at Paramount has been a complete dream! My schooling and apprenticeship significantly helped me get where I am today. I hope to anyone reading, it can be a reminder that hard work, humility, and eagerness to learn will eventually open the doors for you as you step into your dream career.

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