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Our Culture

Our values; Optimism & Determination, Inclusivity & Collaboration, and Agility & Adaptability are the pillars of our inclusive culture. Everyone is welcome at Paramount in the UK. Ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, life status, whether you are a disabled person or non-disabled… in fact, however you identify yourself, you’ll find no barriers here. 

Creating a working environment of inclusion and belonging aligns squarely with our commitment to creating content that reflects, celebrates and elevates the diversity of our various audiences. 

We have a responsibility to use our platforms to make meaningful and lasting change and all employees contribute to this endeavour. 

So, whatever your job at Paramount might be, you can thrive in our culture and environment and be your best self. 

Inclusion is is not a trend, it’s essential for an organisation to thrive for the future.”

Wincie Knight, VP Global Inclusion Strategy

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Wincie Knight, VP Global Inclusion Strategy Paramount UK

Employee Resource Groups

Our global Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) provide a forum for our people to flourish personally and professionally while offering our brands business support. Lots of our workforce are members of these employee-led groups. Click on the drop-down menu for more details.

Support when you need it

The Approach Team is a mental health support group based at Hawley Crescent, consisting of employees who are Mental Health First Aid trained. They offer confidential support as fully qualified Mental Health First Aiders and direct employees to relevant support services such as EAP.  For more on Welbeing at Paramount, see the Our Passion section. 


We’ve also signed up to the Mental Heatlh Charter as part of wideranging commitments to mental health support and awareness. 

We've signed the Mental Health Charter Bronze Membership

Our Partnerships

We are proud to partner with a host of incredible companies all of which support us on our inclusion journey. We are committed to ensuring our recruitment process is inclusive and accessible for everyone and our partnerships help us to do this.  Our partners also connect us to fantastic talent from diverse communities. 

Our partnerships are: 



Inclusion is a business imperative for us at Paramount UK. 

We’re committed to creating an environment of inclusion and belonging and content that reflects, celebrates, and elevates our audiences’ diversity. It’s our responsibility to use our platforms to connect the world, create culture, mark the moments that matter to us, and make meaningful and lasting change.

Our Office of Global Inclusion has a mission to foster a culture of inclusiveness, which holds leadership accountable for creating and championing a diverse, multicultural workforce where all employees can contribute to our company’s success.

Read more here from Marva Smalls, our Global Head of Inclusion.


Sound like a place where you could be you?

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