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Onboarding and compliance



We have our own insurances covering all sorts of things, including accidents and errors (especially in the production environment), but if you’re self-employed (either as a Sole trader – individual; or PSC with your own limited company), we need to make sure you have adequate insurances in place. Your insurances should cover:

[1] Public Indemnity [2] Errors and Omissions (also known as Professional Indemnity) and [3] Employer Liability if you are a limited company using substitutes or subcontractors.

[1] Public liability insurance is your protection if your business activities kill or injure a member of the public or damage their property. If that person takes you to court, it will cover your legal costs, as well as any compensation you have to pay. We know that sounds a bit scary, but it’s a must for any self-employed freelancer working in or with the public.

[2] Errors and Omissions / Professional Indemnity insurance helps protect you from lawsuits claiming you made a mistake, error or omission in your professional services. The reality is that any small business providing a professional service that can be challenged is vulnerable to a claim of negligence when the advice or service fails to meet a client’s expectations. From allegations of breach of copyright to accusations of defamation, these kinds of claims can be costly and disruptive, whether they’re fair or not.

[3] Employer liability insurance is designed to cover the costs if an employee claims compensation for illness or injury that they believe has been caused by their work. You must legally have this cover if you are using a substitute or are subcontracting others; otherwise this is not a standard insurance requirement.


DBS Checks

If you are working with us on an engagement that includes children or vulnerable adults, you must provide us with a DBS check (which you will need to pay for). All engagements covering Nickelodeon or Channel 5 Milkshake must have a DBS check (basic is fine).

Please check out this link, which details how to get your DBS check and then forward it to with your freelancer form and other requested documents.


Master Terms & Conditions

Once we have your documents and all onboarding documents, you’ll be issued a ‘Summary Terms’ for each engagement with us, clearly stating the status of the assignment, your pay rate, start and end date and other relevant information.

Each engagement with us is governed by the overarching Master Terms & Conditions, and by signing the Summary Terms, you agree to be bound by these.

When you work with us, we’ll also ask you to comply with our Business Practices (see below Our Values and Policies).

If you are supplied through an agency or umbrella company, we’ll work with them on the relevant terms. If you are a limited company freelancer and we determine your status as ‘inside IR35’, we will work with you on an individual basis to sign the correct terms for you, but most likely, you will need to switch to PAYE Worker terms.

Our values and policies

At Paramount, all our freelancers, contractors and vendors (non-staff) should conduct themselves in accordance with all applicable rules, regulations and laws of the country they are engaged in and uphold Paramount values at all times.

Any unreasonable or unlawful conduct will result in an investigation and potentially in the termination of the contract. We expect all of our non-staff to:

  • Act ethically and with integrity
  • Comply with our Business Practices
  • Respect and adhere to our company values. (See our Life at Paramount section for more information)
  • Respect the rights of everyone in the Paramount community, including all employees, officers, consultants, contractors, freelancers, talent, crew, volunteers, interns, casual workers, agency workers and those engaged by either third party production companies or personal services companies performing work for our business
  • Not harass, bully or discriminate anyone
  • Take care of their own and others’ safety
  • Not engage in any fraudulent activity
  • Report any behaviour not compliant with the code to an HR representative ( )

Please see our Privacy Policy here.

Whether you are an individual or have a limited company, if you are supplying personal services to us, we will call you a freelancer!”

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Contacts and reporting

We expect the entire Paramount community to adhere to our business standards.

However, no statement or code of conduct can cover every situation that may arise in a complex business environment such as ours. Should you become aware of a potential violation of our policies, please speak up and report your concerns. You can contact your reporting manager or our dedicated freelancer team at

If you would like to report a situation anonymously, please visit OPENLINE to submit an online report. We always encourage your questions and feedback

Fairness and inclusivity are the words we live by. They matter to us!”

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