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Virginia Monaghan

March 1, 2021

Meet Virginia Monaghan, VP Events & Experiences UK @ Paramount Networks International!

Virginia has had an incredible career so far, starting with a degree in Languages, before moving into the creative industry, getting caught up in the buzz of the music world, and now has an exciting role as VP events & Experiences here in the UK. She oversees all our fantastic events, attractions, experiences and theatrical tours across our brand portfolio: MTV, Nickelodeon, Channel 5, Comedy Central, Paramount and CBS in the UK and Ireland and here she shares a little insight into her varied career path, what working at Paramount is like and her top tips for progressing a career with Media.

How has your career led you to your current role here at Paramount Networks International?

“I studied French & Russian at Cambridge University, and initially thought that my career would follow a more traditional route based on my linguistic skills, in the diplomatic service, but that changed a year after I graduated, when I came to London and was completely swept up by the music and fashion scenes of the ‘90s! I decided that I wanted to pursue a more creative career, and ended up working first in graphic design, then advertising and publishing, before landing a job at MTV – the ultimate place to be if you wanted to be at the forefront of music and style, initially overseeing marketing and PR for Eastern Europe”.

What is exciting about the company in your view at present?

“My career at Paramount has now spanned over 20 yrs, across Creative, Content, Marketing, Production, and Events. What I loved about it when I joined, is still true today: I get to work with a group of likeminded passionate, creative, entrepreneurial, fun people across multiple projects and regions, with some of the biggest and best global brands and IP. I’ve always felt encouraged to come up with ideas and pitch them to others in the business. There’s definitely a belief that anyone can come up with the next big thing, so you’re motivated to concept and trial initiatives. Although it’s a big company, this level of ideation and autonomy is exciting, because it makes you feel like you can actively be part of the company’s evolution and get recognised for success!”

What has been your personal career highlight?

“I have multiple career highlights including relaunching MTV in Russia (my language skills did come in handy after all), but nothing can match the excitement of producing great content, a show, an event – something that resonates with an audience on any platform and on the ground. Also, I’ve worked on a lot of amazing events over the years, but my personal favourites are Nickelodeon’s Slimefest, which is for many kids their first music gig, so you get to see how excited they are to party with their favourite stars, whilst getting covered in loads of Slime! And then, there’s Comedy Central’s Friendsfest – an epic immersive Friends experience which we tour around the country… you can hang out in Monica’s apartment, grab a coffee in Central Perk, play football at Joey & Chandler’s, and take loads of selfies on set, to make all your real-life friends jealous!”

What about the culture helps you be your best self at work?

“It’s a very inclusive culture – everyone says that they stay at Paramount because of the people –  and this is true. It’s a caring, friendly environment: there are several active employee support groups, the Senior Leadership team regularly communicate business updates as well as checking in on their staff’s wellbeing, which has been particularly helpful during the pandemic. You are encouraged to be yourself, get involved, have your say and be there for others at all levels.”

For anyone joining us, what advice would you give to support them in forging a career within Paramount? “Be interested beyond your job role – get to know people in other departments, build a network, find out more about the business as a whole… that way you understand how you contribute to the overall company and where you might see your career and skillset developing. There are some great Paramount initiatives like the mentoring scheme where you can be partnered up with someone in a different business remit or even region, and out of that, you might think about a career development or switch which you’d never previously considered!”

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